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[idea] functions visibility in the IDE 5 [SOLVED] Height of the debugger's window ? 3 [SOLVED] 2017.21 - backups created for the samples 3 [SOLVED] Build 2017.11 - font awesome performance issue 11 [CLOSED] Report's Footer just after the Header ? 4 Question about WebSockets clients and servers 19 [SOLVED] Any tips for creating large interfaces ? 8 [SOLVED] How can we dowload some file's content ? 7 [SOLVED] Problem with GetStyle ? 7 The WebExtension sample and WebExtensions development 5 [SOLVED] Setting the Html control's content 2 [SOLVED] Compiling for Windows 24 [Replied] The "Return" action 7 [FIXED] Do have problems with Android 6 ? 36 How to scale the captured image with an WebCam control 8

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