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Here in this page, we want to ask some frequently asked questions about us and our products, in the hope that this information can be useful to you.

What are the limitations of the demo versions?

The demo versions of our products are not limited in time or characteristics. Other software companies offers demo versions limited in time or characteristics. We respect that, however, we want that you can try our products as best as possible, so, we give you all the time that you need to try it, and, with all their characteristics, in order to find if it can be useful for you and your projects. Only after you find our products useful, you can purchase one or more licenses, in order to use it without any limitations like nag screens, unregistered messages and others, as well, of course, to support our work and help us to continue working to you as best as possible.

Are the DecSoft product's licenses perpetual?

Yes! Your licenses never expires. When you purchase a new license of our products, you get a perpetual license and a year of free minor upgrades. After the year, your license become outdated, and, you can always use it with the right outdated release of the product. If you want to continue using the very latest release of a product, you can then purchase an upgrade license, with a minimum of 50% off discount, but, your outdated license never expires, and you can continue using it to register the right outdated release of the product.

The licenses are limited to a number of computers?

No! Some software companies restrict the licenses to be used only in a limited number of computers. We respect that, however, our policy is that our licenses are intended to be used in a per-developer basis. This means that only you can use your license (and not other person can use it), but, you can use your license in all your owned computers, no matter if they are personal or company computers. If you form part of a team or owned a company, you can purchase licenses for different developers, and, in fact, you will get an automatically applied volume discount if you purchase three or more licenses.

Are the DecSoft NeoPlugins for DecSoft App Builder?

No! Our DecSoft NeoPlugins are an entirely different product, they are intended to be used in certain software called VisualNeoWin and NeoBook, they are not intended to be used with our DecSoft App Builder.

Is DecSoft HTML Compiler required to be ready for the Windows platform?

No! With DecSoft App Builder, you can use the integrated Apache Cordova Electron platform to get your apps running in Windows (by the way, also in Mac OS and Linux). However, DecSoft HTML Compiler can offer to you some beneficts in order to get your apps working in the Windows platform. DecSoft HTML Compiler, for example, can compile your apps in just one executable, without any other dependency, and, never extract your apps files into the user computer. Additionally, DecSoft HTML Compiler offers to you some JavaScript functions in order to do things that HTML apps cannot do. Said this, your apps can be ready to be run in the Windows platform by using the integrated Apache Cordova Electron.

Can I use databases in my apps?

Of course! DecSoft App Builder produces HTML apps, that is, client apps. This means that the apps are completely abstracted from the server side: the server side can use any language and any database. Basically your app can make HTTP calls (using HTTP controls, jQuery, Fetch, etc.) in order to communicate with your server and therefore ask for some information (HTTP GET), post some information (HTTP POST), etc.

You can take a look at the Database and Database2 samples apps, included with the installation of DecSoft App Builder, in order to see how we can use, for example, a MySQL database in order to create, read, update and delete records from the database. For the Apache Cordova platforms, you can find some plugins that allows you to use local databases like SQLite, and, you can also use just files or the app local storage to store persistent information.

Can I compile apps for Android, iOS, Windows and more?

With DecSoft App Builder you can create HTML apps and Web Extensions for modern browsers: to do this you no need nothing more but DecSoft App Builder. To build hybrid apps for Android, iOS and Windows and other platforms, you need to install Apache Cordova and their requirements for every of these platforms. For the Windows platform, you can also use our DecSoft HTML Compiler.

There are some tutorials about DecSoft App Builder?

Yes! You can have various resources in order to learn how to use DecSoft App Builder. You have the samples apps which are included with the product installation. Furthermore, you can also use our forum for reading purposes (only customers can post), the product help is included with the installation and act like a contextual help (you can press the F1 key anytime to go to the right help topic), the product help is also online, and, you can also take a look at some video tutorials in our YouTube channel.

Are my app files safe?

Yes! DecSoft HTML Compiler creates Windows executables which contains your app files, and they are never extracted to the user computer, except if you explicitly want to extract some of them by using the provided JavaScript function dhc.files.extractFile().

Can I use databases in my apps?

Yes! You can communicate with your server database using HTTP calls, and, you can also use SQLite databases, as you can see in the SQLite sample app which is included with the installation of DecSoft HTML Compiler.

Can I compile Construct 3 games?

Yes! You can use DecSoft HTML Compiler to compile your Construct 3 games and get it working in Windows executables for 32 and 64 bits. In fact, you can take a look at the samples which are included in the installation of DecSoft HTML Compiler: you will see one of them called Construct3. Take a look!

DecSoft NeoPlugins work in VisualNeoWin and NeoBook?

Yes, they work! You can use our DecSoft NeoPlugins in both VisualNeoWin and NeoBook programs.

What are the plugins' runtime versions?

All the DecSoft NeoPlugins includes both design time and runtime versions. They are intended to reduce the size of your applications created with VisualNeoWin and NeoBook. While you develop your applications, the design time version of the plugins are used, however, when you compile your applications, then only the runtime version of the plugins are included within your applications. A design time version of a plugin can have a size of say 5 MB, while the runtime version of the plugin can have a size of 1 MB instead.

What plugins are included in the NeoPlugins bundles?

The ones that you wanted! When you purchase a DecSoft NeoPlugins bundle, for example, the Five Bundle (5 plugins), the Teen Bundle (10 plugins), etc., we will contact you in order to ask what are the plugins that you wanted. Once you reply to us, we will prepare your invoice and the licenses of the plugins that you wanted to be included in your purchased bundle. You can choose any of the available plugins to be included in your bundle.

Can I purchase just one DecSoft Neoplugin?

Yes, of course! If you take a look at our store, you will see a button below the table of products called: Show all the NeoPlugins. You can press on that button in order to see all the available NeoPlugins. Then you can purchase one or more licenses of a specific plugin. Note, however, the discount that is applied if you purchase one or our DecSoft NeoPlugins bundles!

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