Here is yet another good example of application developed by 50/120 comunicacion using DecSoft's App Builder: Findme® app. This app is sold together with certain small hardware device, that we can push in certain situations, in order to automatically send SMS messages to our desired contacts. Findme® want to help people by sending messages along with our location to other people, who can help us in certain potentially dangerous situations.

We already mention that the Findme® app is developed by 50/120 comunicacion, an spanish company which uses DecSoft's App Builder in other projects too, like the Bono Social app, the safeBonsai app and the Domo Electra app, another DecSoft's App Builder use cases. Certainly the team of 50/120 comunicacion made very good projects and we are proud they choose DecSoft's App Builder to develop them.

We wish the best to 50/120 comunicacion! Keep up the good job!
For more information, details and download the Findme® app, you can visit their website at:
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