Recently, the amazing team of Apache Cordova, launch the new Cordova's Electron platform. The current release of DecSoft App Builder provide us the right integration with the new Cordova's Electron platform, by creating the appropriate icons, configuration file, signing files, BATCH files for Microsoft Windows and SHELL files for Apple Mac OS. Continue reading to discover why the Cordova's Electron platform is a very good tool, very useful for us and our App Builder apps.

Target platforms

With DecSoft App Builder we can create apps ready to be deployed in all modern mobile and desktop browsers, WebExtensions, WebApps and PWA (Progressive Web Apps). Additionally, thanks to the integration with Apache Cordova, our apps, with the same base code, can also target platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Universal and others.

Cordova's Electron

Now, thanks to the integration of App Builder with the Cordova's Electron, our apps can also be deployed as native executables for Microsoft Windows, and native executables for Mac OS, in addition other possible platforms and operating systems, like GNU/Linux. It's not amazing?

Multiple platforms

We wanted to repeat it again, just to be clear. With the same base code, with only one IDE (DecSoft App Builder), we can create apps ready to be deployed in all modern mobile and desktop browsers; we can create WebExtensions, WebApps, PWA (Progressive Web Apps), hybrid apps for Android and iOS, Universal apps for Microsoft Windows 10, and now, also native executables apps for Microsoft Windows, and native executables for Mac OS.

Think it over... do you really want to miss DecSoft App Builder?

Now it's also possible to compile the apps created with DecSoft App Builder using DecSoft HTML Compiler, which give you a very easy (but powerful) way to compile your HTML apps into standalone executables for Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bits. Take a look at our DecSoft HTML Compiler now!
Try DecSoft's App Builder for free! Like all of the DecSoft's products, the App Builder demo release is not limited in features nor time, so you can try the program the time that you need and using all the available characteristics. Play with the more than 50 app samples included by the program, the contextual program's help and get more help in the DecSoft's support forum.