Hello to all,

This plugin put on your publication a very complete Pascal language interpreter. You can use it (for example) to automate changes on your publications without need to recompile. The interpreter prebuild dozens of Classes, Functions, and more stuff.

Take a look at the interpreter prebuild stuff and get freeze. But not only you can use this complete prebuild stuff, also the Pascal source code can interact with VisualNeo™ and viceversa. You can call VisualNeo™ subroutines, get and set VisualNeo™ variables and more.

The interpreter know a dialect of Pascal language and add some Delphi related stuff too. You can play with Pascal units "on the fly", can use variables, constants from others units or from your main unit. Finally, with a little of Pascal/Delphi knowledge now is possible to use this powerfull language and lot of their resources from your VisualNeo™ publications.

Press here to get more information and download the NeoPlugin npPasc!

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