HTML Compiler compilation

Bryce Beattie

I think I remember in the old HTML Compiler there being some options for choosing the compiled app's file name / location. Does that still exist somewhere? I can't seem to find it.

Also, in the compilation options, I set a custom .ico, And then when I renamed the compiled file, somehow it lost the custom .ico, too, and it reverts to that httml 5 shield. Is that something my system is doing?


Hello Bryce,

About your first question, honestly I need to take a look at HTC 1 in order to see if that option really exists... and why? Because the idea is that the output file must be the same than the "index.html" file of our apps. And why? Because we app may need files, not included in the compiled executable, in order to properly work. For that reason HTC 2 do not include that specific option.

About your second question, certainly it's the system and the "icons cache" who determine the behaviour that you describes. However, if the icon is certainly changed (there is no error when compile the executables), then the real icon of the executable is what you provides, and, you can see that "real icon" if you copy or move the executable into another folder or another computer.

P.S. A possible workaround for the first question can be to use the DecSoft HTML Compiler CLI compiler. From DecSoft HTML Compiler is it possible to create a BAT file who uses the CLI compiler to compile our apps. It's possible then to edit this BAT file (or create a new one from the scratch) who compile the app and then move the executable file to another location.

Bryce Beattie

I'm just looking to keep my "source code" and "ready to distribute" folders organized. The batch file option looks to be a pretty good one. I had forgotten about the CLI option. Thanks!

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