Anybody who has been purchased one or more DecSoft products licenses are considered a DecSoft customer and have access to the DecSoft customer area, in which they can find some useful stuff. The DecSoft customer area allow to the customers to view, copy and download their licenses, download outdated releases of the products and upgrade their licenses at the best price.

Every customer receive the appropiate instructions to access into their DecSoft customer area, however, we also want to place that instructions here in this post entry, so any customer can also find that information here.

Get your customer login

The most important part of the instructions to know your customer login, which is automatically taken from your customer name. For example, supose in your license your name is "Peter Parker". It's easy to figure out what your customer login is, simply put all the characters in lowercase and remove any non ASCII characters and spaces, so, in this case the customer login is: "peterparker".

Reset your password

If you never entry into your DecSoft customer area, then you need the appropiate customer password. You can get that password by following this link, and, in the form that appear, use your customer login and your customer E-Mail address. Then proceed to submit the reset password form.

The DecSoft customer login form

Get your customer password

Once you send the reset password form you will receive a new password in your customer email box. Wait for that email and then continue with the below instructions!

Then you can login

Once you receive your customer password in your email box, you must finally use the DecSoft customer area login form, just by following this link. In the form that appear you must use again your customer login (see above) and of course your already received customer password.

The DecSoft reset customer password form

That's all!

If everything is OK you are then into your DecSoft customer area! If you have any problem following these instructions, please, contact me and I will try to help you as quickly as possible.

You are ready!

Enjoy your DecSoft customer area! Inside your DecSoft customer area you can find all your DecSoft products licenses, download your licenses in TXT and PDF documents, download outdated releases of the products, the ability to upgrade your licenses at the best price. Also, as a DecSoft customer, you can post new entries into the DecSoft support forum.