DecSoft's App Builder is an useful 5 in 1 development environment for Microsoft Windows that allows you to create professional apps. With DecSoft's App Builder, even without programming knowledge, we can create HTML5, WebExtensions, WebApps, Progressive WebApps and Hybrid apps for the modern browsers and many desktop and mobile platforms, all with the same code base!

HTML5 apps

With DecSoft's App Builder we get HTML5 apps ready to be deployed without dependencies in all modern browsers for desktop and mobile platforms. Simply place your application in an internet server and use it in any modern browser. App Builder are based in events, and offers dozens of controls and hundreds of visual actions ready to use. We can also extend our apps using pure Javascript code in any place!


Do you want to target your app for Firefox OS or any similar environment? DecSoft's App Builder produces for you the appropiate manifest file in order to allow it.

Progressive WebApps

DecSoft's App Builder's apps can also be deployed as Progressive WebApps in some browsers like Google Chrome for Android. Basically we can place our app's icon into the Android devices's home page to allow a quick access to our apps. Also our apps can provide an splash screen and other special features. To get more information about Progressive Web Apps, please, follow this link.


DecSoft's App Builder's apps can be also deployed as WebExtensions for the modern browsers, remember, with the same code base! The WebExtensions can be deployed in almost all modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and more. WebExtensions can be quite useful because they works inside the user's browser, and, if needed, can use some specific features for WebExtensions like access the user's browser's contents.

Hybrid apps

DecSoft's App Builder has been integrated with Apache Cordova and produces the appropiate configuration files, signing files, icons and splash screens. We can use Apache Cordova plugins, many of them already availables "out-of-the-box" in DecSoft's App Builder. You can create apps for Android, iOS and all other platforms supported by Apache Cordova.

Try DecSoft's App Builder for free! Like all of the DecSoft's products, the App Builder demo release is not limited in features nor time, so you can try the program the time that you need and using all the available characteristics. Play with the more than 50 app samples included by the program, the contextual program's help and get more help in the DecSoft's support forum.