DecSoft App Builder is an IDE for Microsoft Windows, which allows to create modern HTML apps, Hybrid apps, Web Extensions and Progressive web apps. Sound good, right? Talking about hybrid apps, and, with the help of Apache Cordova, we can create multiplatform apps, ready to be deployed in Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.

Three main characteristics

  1. DecSoft App Builder is more or less easy to use. In principle, we no need to know nothing about HTML, CSS nor Javascript. We can use the "visual designer", the "visual actions" and the "visual (and non visual) controls", and, without any line of Javascript code, we can get a more or less complex app that can fit our needs.
  2. If we already know what HTML, CSS and Javascript is, this can be good! Even when this is not needed, we can use Javascript code in our apps, in order to do something that the included "visual actions" can't do, for example. The point is that we can use our knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, without problems, in our DecSoft App Builder apps.
  3. Last, but not least (this is the most important point in this post), with DecSoft App Builder, we can develop multiplatform apps with the same base code! This mean that we no need to create separated teams and projects, in order to get our apps ready to use in Android and iOS, for example: the same base of our app works in the same way in both Android and iOS!

Save resources, time and work

Finally, we are talking here about resources, time and work: DecSoft App Builder can save your resources, time and work, because you can create multiplatform apps with the same base code. So you no need to dedicate resources, time and work, developing one different app per every platform.

Not to mention that we no need to learn or use different languages (Java, Objective C, etc.) per every platform. Our HTML, CSS and Javascript code works in the same way in all the platforms, and, if we already know (more or less) these languages, this is great! Because we know about what we are talking about, and, then we can accelerate our developments.

Then, answering the "Why to use DecSoft App Builder?" question, what DecSoft App Builder offers is a way to create modern HTML apps, with the ability to reuse our knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript, with the same base code for all the supported platforms, saving resources, time and work, when develop our apps.

Try DecSoft's App Builder for free! Like all of the DecSoft's products, the App Builder demo release is not limited in features nor time, so you can try the program the time that you need and using all the available characteristics. Play with the more than 50 app samples included by the program, the contextual program's help and get more help in the DecSoft's support forum.